Comprehensive ECDL Guide

  Comprehensive ECDL Guide

This book is a carefully designed educational book, which will supply you with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge which is mandatory for the acquisition of ECDL diploma.

Includes all the seven sections of the new Syllabus:

  1. Main Informatics and Communication concepts
  2. Use of Personal Computer and File Management (MS Windows 11)
  3. Text Editing (MS Word 2021)
  4. Worksheets (MS Excel 2021)
  5. Use of Databases (MS Access 2021)
  6. Presentations (MS PowerPoint 2021)
  7. Internet and Communications (Internet Edge - MS Outlook 2021)

Book Details

  • Title: Comprehensive ECDL Guide
  • ISBN: 978-960-6789-35-9
  • Pages: 944
  • Price: 44,90€
  • Category: ECDL Books